Slanted #31 – Tokyo / Preorder

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We have a friend out there: His name is Ian Lynam. Besides being a graphic designer, he is a design critic as well as an art and design theorist. For Slanted Magazine he wrote tons of great reading matter (often very funny) in the past, and after all invited us to come to Tokyo to meet some incredible designers and studios there. Without his and Renna Okubo’s help, the upcoming Slanted issue about the design scene of Tokyo would not have been possible. The Japanese capital is huge, loud, crowded, and busy—artisanal, welcoming, cozy, safe, and pedestrian at the same time.

The issue is intended for those who want to immerse themselves in the contrasty style and character of a modern métropole. We met some of the most amazing people in the design scene and are happy to share this canvas with you, our readers.

Slanted #31—Tokyo

Publisher/Design: Slanted Publishers
Release: May 2018
Volume: 256 pages + 48-pages booklet
Format: 16 × 24 cm
Language: English
Printing: Stober
Price: 15,– € (pre-order price, after release 18,– €)

Buy: € 15,00 including Tax 7%, excluding shipping costs