Limited Tokyo Special Edition / Photo Essay + Risograph Booklet

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On occasion of Slanted Magazine #31—Tokyo, that has been released in May 2018, a limited special edition has been published which is exclusively available in the Slanted Shop. The edition contains an illustrated booklet that has been printed on a risograph as well as a photo book showcasing different facets of life in Tokyo by seven renowned photographers.

Publisher: Slanted Publishers

Release: May 2018

Edition of 250

Price: 19,– Euro

Riso Booklet—Tokyo

In October 2016 the designers of this Riso Booklet spent an intense and exhausting week in Tokyo, were they joined a shared workshop together with students from the Tokyo University of the Arts. This is a visual approach on a city that dazzles with a mighty traditional culture and a yearning for everything new. It is also a reflection on being close and fare away at the same time. 

Design: Monique Gebhardt, Ramon Keimig, André Rösler, Magdalena Skala, Kiyoshi Stelzner, Tingting Ying
Volume: 24 pages
Size: 16 × 24 cm
Paper: Holmen TRND
Print: Faculty of Design, Würzburg
Printing Colors: Yellow, Pink, Teal

Photo Book—Tokyo by Seven

Seven views from/on Tokyo by seven renowned photographers. From the silent to the wild, the crowded to the loneliness, the straightforwardness to the chaos, the city life to private spheres, the monotony to colorfulness. Tokyo in all its facets, captured in one book,printed by our partner Océ.

Photographers: Gui Martinez, Mari Kojima, Patrick Tsai, Motoyuki Daifu, Tetsugo Hyakutake, Yuko Amano, Naohiro Utagawa
Curator and Text: Renna Okubo
Design: Lars Harmsen
Volume: 144 pages
Size: 16 × 24 cm
Print: Océ